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5 Key Elements to Winning in 5-a-Side Football
Published by Torneoz
21 | AUG | 2013
5-a-side football is different from other versions of the game in that there are no throw-ins, corners or goal kicks. The ball is in play for the whole game and there is nowhere to hide! Whereas winning a corner or a goal kick in an 11-a-side game can give the team a quick breather, there is no such luxury in the 5-a-side game. The smaller pitches also ensure an end to end game which requires the players to get up and down the pitch for the full hour. If a single player is lacking in fitness, this can be exploited by an intelligent opposition so it is essential to ensure all players have a basic level of fitness.
The Negative Effects of VAT on 5-a-side Football
Published by Torneoz
28 | AUG | 2012
The current coalition government has announced a controversial plan to tax people participating in 5 a-side football. All weather pitches are extremely popular amongst amateur footballers with over a 150 5-aside complexes in existence at the moment. The HMRC is insisting on 20% VAT from companies operating such facilities. With VAT at 20%, the tax will mean players are paying an extra pound for every game on top of the already inflated prices.
Organising a 5-a-Side Football Tournament
Published by Torneoz
19 | AUG | 2012
The first thing to consider is your target audience. Once you have confirmed this you move on to the next point but picking out your target audience is vital as the rest of the process will all get decided depending on this point. For example if your target audience is a tournament for 12 years & younger then the date of your tournament should be in the holidays & the way you promote will be different also.