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Organising a 5-a-Side Football Tournament
Published by Torneoz
19 | AUG | 2012
At Torneoz we understand that organising a tournament can be tough. So here are a few points we thought you would find helpful:

Target Audience
The first thing to consider is your target audience. Once you have confirmed this you move on to the next point but picking out your target audience is vital as the rest of the process will all get decided depending on this point. For example if your target audience is a tournament for 12 years & younger then the date of your tournament should be in the holidays & the way you promote will be different also.

Pick a date
Another important point when setting up a 5 a-side tournament is when you are going to host it. There are a few things to consider depending on your target audience like weekends or weekdays, holidays, Seasons of the year, football seasons etc…

Decide how many teams will compete
If you are hosting a tournament for semi-pro’s then it should be a tournament consisting of a solid 32 teams whereas if it is for youths or the casual footballers then anything from about 10 teams is good.

Sort out tournament format
Tournament format will depend on the previous point (number of teams entered). A tournament of 6 teams or more should be split into group stages & then knockout format or if you have over 32 teams you could organize a few friendly games & then start with knockout stages. If you have less than 6 teams it should be a group format tournament only.

Pick a venue and make booking
There are many pitches to play on all over the UK. When booking in your city it all goes back to target audience consider things like transport, quality (3G pitches), prices but more importantly see how the pitch suppliers can help you promote your tournament, for example they can list your tournament on their website or put your posters up in their centre.

Find tournament sponsors
If you are running a charity tournament then you can approach local businesses to sponsor the tournament to raise more money in return for some marketing for the business. You could do the same for a non-charity tournament providing you can make a good business case for the business to sponsor your tournament whereas many businesses will back charity tournaments more for charitable reasons than business gains.

Decide on entry fee
This too comes down to target audience but also if you have a big cash prize, nice trophies & medals then that’s added incentive & I don’t think each team will mind paying a little bit more for better service.

Enter your tournament on Torneoz & then share the link on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & any other social website, get your friends & family to share your tournament too & we will also get the word of your tournament out on the internet by using our up to date web marketing techniques & our growing social following. Print off posters & give them out in the relevant places like at your pitch suppliers, leave them in shops, give them out after football tournaments or games etc…

Finalize rules
A very important part is to make sure every team is aware of the rules before playing any games so you have to make sure that you have a printout ready for the tournament day. I personally would just stick to the FA’s rules but you can make very minor changes to suit your tournament for example the time frame of each game.

Purchase Trophies and Medals
Please do not purchase cheap looking trophies or medals. People love to see awesome trophies at tournaments & next time you host a tournament it could well become a motivation factor for some people.

Sort out Fixture list
Finally a few days early you will need to sort out who plays who & who is in whose group. Once you have done everything (which should take about an hour) then be prepared to have to change minor hiccups on the tournament day.